Saturday, April 4, 2009

Two reasons why I do not have AdSense

  • I do not want ads that a computer program but not I think appropriate. On Newadvent site I've seen an astrology ad - because astrology and Catholicism are both labelled "spirituality", no doubt!
  • Read this quote:

I have to say I know because in this group 95% are brand new to blogging and even to the whole internet thing,But someone knew that we shouldn't be clicking on each others adsense.Well I learned the hard way the other day I got an email from google saying my adsense account was being deleted.It never accured to me that people pay google alot of moneyt to have their ads put in adsense.So google has certain engines that look for strange clicks. I wrote them a letter of apology..Boy I feel so dumb.So if this hasn't happened to you please don't let it and don't ask people to click on your adsense.What I did was delete my blogs and account ,I've started over fresh and this is my new blog.

I've promised credit for it, if the author wants it. For the moment I leave it anonymous. Here is more (link):

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Here's what I do instead:

On my blog musicalia I offer musicians to play my compositions and remunerate me by donations if they earn anything.

As to my writings: impressa in octavo is an instruction on how to photocopy and fold into something resembling the folded and cut up cahiers/fascicles making up a printed book. Remuneration again equals donation.


Love2Learn Mom said...

Yes, I've also seen strange ads promoting witchcraft on Catholic sites denouncing the same. Scary!

Hans Lundahl said...

Just phoney:

The Catholic site added tag word "spirituality" or "religion and spirituality", the ad for astrology or witchcraft did same, and as a result ...

OR: The Catholic site was analysed according to recurrent key words as entering into tag "spirituality" et c.

A reason as good as any not to use ad-sense.

I've offered Vlad's rare Catholic and Orthodox books to feature an ad, but I've had no reply.

Hans Lundahl said...

Here is the page with account for Donations since I do not have a functioning pay pal account when writing this.

Hans Lundahl said...

This message is now available on