Monday, April 30, 2012


a) sew the letters in simple stitches back and forth - tack and then tack back to fill in the gaps
b) decorate letters with the stitches that you also use for buttonholes - so called buttonhole stitches

so far for the picture above

c) sew the thing onto a garment - a coat or something - or some bag

  • in this case the material is some kind of paper (like in one-use hospital blankets, though this was from a pack of camembert cheese), so the thing must off even if the letters are to keep on:

    d) make step c a simple tack on two sides, sew each line or bend in each letter to the cloth under it with double rows of back-stitches, rip or cut off the paper thing and loose threads, do an extra cover of buttonhole stitches;

  • if the thing had been in real cloth:

    d) strengthen step c, use buttonhole stitches in the edges, add double rows of back stitches in each letter line or letter bend, if it seems appropriate, but a well fastened textile background after steps a and b making the embroidery should do the trick too.