Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Square Root Extraction

Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere : Sqrts · Recipes from Home and Abroad : Square Root Extraction

Here is a fairly normal procedure:

First group is 2. Nearest lower square is 1 of which the square root is 1. Write 1 in the result.

Write 1 to the left. Then write 1 under it. Multiply and write the result 1 under the 2.

To the left, you add 1 and 1 and get 2. Further right, you take 1 away from 2 and get 1.

Next to that 1, you put down the 8 from above, and then ...

2 in 18 is 9. So, one could write 9 in the result after 1.

However, this will lead to 29 * 9 = 267 sorry, 261 which cannot be deduced from 189 once you put down the 9 beside the 18.

Now, erase the 9 from everywhere, I'll skip trying with 8, and go to trying with next lower, 7.

Write 7 in result, 7 after 2 and 7 under that 7. Now multiply 27 * 7, this should land you with 189, which deducted from 189 leaves nothing, meaning 289 is the exact square of 17.

Is 27 * 7 really 189?

Seems so. So, sqrt(289)=17.

Here I show completed process for sqrt(121) = 11:

First group was 1, nearest lower square is 1 of which the square root is 1. Write 1 in result, 1 under the 1 to the left, multiply to get 1 to deduct from 1, add to get 2 to divide the 02, get 1 as result, put 1 in result, put 1 after the 2, put 1 under this 1, then multiply, 21 * 1 = 21, deduct from 021, leaves nothing.

Enjoy! A word of caution, though. I tried this on 2.00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00 ... and at about 8 decimals of the result, I got a value which did not square to 1.9999 ... plus some decimals at the end, but to 2.0000 ... plus some decimals at the end. I don't know why, generally, this should not happen, but I haven't detected my mistake, if such.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St. Timothy the Deacon

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

No Such Post on a Given Blog?

Here is how that can look:

Now, note the final characters %EF%BB%BF which I blued.

Remove them, and the post becomes quite findable and indeed found on the blog:

If you want to check a link before pasting or clicking, see if the final l in html is removed when you put the mouse pointer after it and you click backward, then replace it.

If it has this stuff, it does not show, but you will have to click twice before actually seeing the l disappear, then you just make an l normally, replacing the l, but not the invisible additions that sometimes show up as "%EF%BB%BF"/HGL

Monday, November 12, 2018

Trucs pour une vidéo de rap

  • Pour la vidéo:

    • trouver un endroit cool et pas pour l'instant fréquenté par d'autres

    • pour des zoom, celui qui tient la caméra peut s'approcher et régresser du rappeur (il doit avoir des bras bien tendus pour que la caméra ne bouge qu'avec le déplacement de ses pieds et il doit avoir un pas très soigné aussi).

  • Pour le rap:

    • le texte doit être bien mémorisé en bon rythme

    • les mouvements des bras sont rythmés

    • et constituent une actio qui aide à se rappeler des mots exacts.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

How does one use diagrams for webs or similar anyway?

If you want to sew or tie some kind of outer lock around strings interlocking with each other or around a string interlocked with itself, and you want the interlocking to have a certain look, the thing is to first make some kind of diagram for each point on the cardboard where you provisorically attach the string, until it is so interlocked that it can be fixated, and then you remove the cardboard.

It is also a good idea for objects meant to have volume./HGL

Friday, August 31, 2018

I am trying but failing to get a good diagram for this ...

You know, the kind of thread work in which the threads make a nice and curvy pattern, while being drawn straight.

I'd like to reuse such a pattern as basis for a little net. Two things would be necessary :

  • making a diagram on cardboard;
  • that this diagram in no point crosses more than 2 lines (or threads).

Because, then I could use the crossing points of lines as interlocking points for strands in the net.

Here are my failures:

As you can see, there are too many "threads" or lines crossing at some points. If you want to interlock two strands in a net, you need to have a point at which two lines are crossing, and you need it sufficiently distant from next point where two lines are crossing./HGL

PS : here too:

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Ketchup Drink? Red Apple? How shall we call it ...?

Either way, you mix tomato juice with apple juice. Proportion should make it clearly thinner than tomato juice, without losing tomato flavour. That's it.

Reason for proposed names:

  • ketchup as such contains tomato paste and apple sauce. So, a drink with tomato juice and apple juice would be a drink version of it - or a liquid version, hence "ketchup drink" or "liquid ketchup" - except it doesn't sound very good;
  • while some apples are red, tomatoes are generally red, so tomato mixed with apple would in that sense be "red apple" as in "red plus apple" - but while red apple is very much better sounding, it is also less clear ... so, what about "red plus apple"?

Or do you have other suggestions? Comment box is in fact open, here as on other blogs./HGL

Friday, May 18, 2018

"Tapis turque" (normale et allongée)

Clicquez pour aggrandir:

Doubler ou tripler les cordes autour du nœud se fait après, les deux bouts qui se touchent en bas du nœud - l'un peut être enfilé à rebours le chemin de l'autre. Et à la fin, on laisse les bouts se toucher dans un endroit discret, au revers. Éventuellement aussi fortifier en cousant./HGL

PS, je ne sais pas si "tapis turque" est le bon mot en français, ça traduit "turkisk matta" - qui l'est en suédois./HGL