Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What shall we eat if the champagne takes all the space in the fridge?

I came across a review which referred to much visited videos and sites (more than one million in 2013) and one of these posed problems like "which Ferrari shall we take in the morning" (on which I have no tip to give at all) or ... see the heading ... "what shall we eat if the champagne takes all the space in the fridge?"

My tip in such a situation (if that were to be my responsibility ever), would be to rely on foods that do not need refrigeration.

Bread from the next baker. Cheese (people with a fridge full of champagne can not only afford expensive nice blue ones - which are also called green ones - but do so in a pretty good quantity). Pâtés that are opened from a can needing no fridge. Some of them include sherry and greeen pepper in the making and will certainly not be too little classy for the party.

If anything is left over, obviously there will be less champagne bottles in the fridge by then and refrigerating the leftovers (if such) will be no problem.

Caviare might be more troublesome, since it would seem to be something needing chill while on the table. But, as said, it is not the only alternative.

Olives and cucumbers will do nice as set-offs to the pâté. Even salad and tomatoes might have a thing to tell the green cheese.

I am of course presuming you discover the fridge has no more room left when champagne bottles are taken care of while shops around the block are still open. If the discovery comes at 23 h next New Years Eve, I have frankly no idea how to solve that one.

And no, I am not looking for a job as "Jeeves" ...

But if I might give an aspiring "Wooster" a tip, here it is. Oh, for desserts, whipped cream would in such a situation be nearly as impossible as caviare, but canned fruits can do without it too. I have even known fresh fruit to be turned into a great dessert (it was peaches, but some other fruits may be suitable too) by adding sugar to it, in the last of the red wine. However, the situation just outlined presupposes the drink is champagne, so I think strawberries might be as appropriate as peaches.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Bibliothèque Parmentier
Return of Child Jesus
from Egypt

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